Preparing for Jesus Christ


For a long time, Christians have celebrated the four weeks before Christmas in the season of advent. Advent simply means  “coming” or “waiting.” For many, many years, God’s people were eager to meet Jesus. He was a king and a warrior that was coming to set them free from their captivity and sin.

The prophet Isaiah describes the fallen world as a place of darkness into which the light of Jesus would come to shine (Isaiah 60). The good news of the advent season is that the one whom the world has been waiting for has come and is coming  again. 

Celebrating Advent is a way of saying I can’t wait for Jesus  to come!” 

Here are a few reminders as we wait in anticipation for the coming of our King: 

• Before Jesus came, God’s people waited eagerly to meet him. How are you waiting? 

• Jesus came as a king to set us free from oppression, evil, and sin. 

• The world now waits eagerly for His coming. 

• What ways can you invite Jesus into your heart this Christmas? 

Each day of Advent, we re-introduce ourselves to the Light who has come to shine in the darkness. We will challenge  each other to look for and wait for him in worship. Part of what makes Christmas so special is remembering that Jesus is  the light of the world. 

This Christmas Season, we light candles, lamps and lights in honor of Jesus the Messiah. We decorate our church and  homes in bold defiance to the darkness by testifying to the light of God! As a testimony to the Light of Christ, join me in  singing with this great hymn of the church, “Jesus, The Light of the World”

Praise Report 

Our December church conference (formerly administrative council) meeting, held this past Tuesday day evening, was an  indication of God’s faithfulness to our church in the midst of one of the most difficult years in the history of our nation.  Throughout all that has happened this year, we have continued to worship Christ, grow in our faith, serve the city of  Springfield, and honor God through our generosity. We thank you for your continued faithfulness. 

In this time where we must be physically apart, we encourage you to join us virtually during the advent season to make  your holidays merry and bright. In the interest of public health, let us make every effort to celebrate the hope, peace, joy,  and love of this season in our homes while remaining connected. Facebook live is every Sunday at 11:00 AM. We are  making strides to have services uploaded to YouTube as well. See the links below to tune in. More updates to come. 


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship Breakfast 2020 Applications 

Deadline Dec 31, 2020: | Celebration: January 16, 2021, 9:30AM 

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