Growing Through Stewardship
As part of our membership at Wesley, we commit to giving our time, talents, gifts, and witness.  Each of us has different abilities and resources as we work together to do God’s will to support our church’s ministries, programs, and goals.  We teach, sing, cook, and clean.  We give time during the day, in the evening, and on weekends.  We make calls from our homes and stand in witness as we support activities at Wesley.  All of this happens according to our God-given gifts. 
When considering our giving, we also do so according to our ability and in response to the blessings in our lives.  Every pledge is important regardless of the amount.  Please prayerfully consider why you are making this commitment from level ground and how you can continue to grow in your giving so that we can grow together.

Every piece of our giving works together to support Wesley's ministry in the Mason Square. Wesley is blessed with various income sources and committed leaders who act as stewards of our financial gifts.  Each year, we are asked to support ministries, programs, and goals through our donations and pledges.  All of these areas maintain a strong foundation for the continued health of our congregation as we work to meet our mission to bring hope and healing to our surrounding communities.
Thank you in advance for your commitment!



Ways you can support Wesley financially


We have partnered with to provide a secure way to donate to Wesley’s various programs. You can set up bank drafts, debit and credit card transactions by designating your amount, the fund where you want it to go, and how often. You can set up the account yourself or complete this form and submit it to the church office for processing.  

 Select VANCO Mobile App allows you to make a one time Donation as a guest  or creating an account .  

You can also access the VANCO Mobile App 

Watch the Instruction Video to set up Vanco Mobile App


Offering Plate: The Sunday Morning offering during worship is a way to give our tithes and offerings in a traditional way. The offering is collected as a part of the worship service and is blessed at the altar.

If you should have any questions about making a donation of giving online, please call 
413-734-3233 or  e-mail at: